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Our History

The roots of The Foundry stretch back to 1976, when Craig Gutowski completed his log cabin and needed some heat for the long Canadian winter. In his search for a renewable source of energy, he decided on an efficient woodstove. Seeing an opportunity, a new busiuness was born. With new technologies, wood heat suddenly became a booming industry and our little business was one of the pioneers.

Today, The Foundry is one of North America's premier distributors of gas, wood, pellet, and electric hearth products. With over 50,000 square feet and an inventory over $4,000,000, we commit to having in stock the thousands of items listed in our comprehensive Foundry catalog...hence our slogan

Beyond the products, The Foundry is all about the people. Our sales and technical support team have over 150 years of combined hearth experience to insure the success of our dealers. Shipments are delivered damage free in our own fleet of Foundry trucks by our courteous drivers. The Foundry's loyalty programs are the most rewarding in the hearth industry to demonstrate our appreciation.

We also own and operate two other affiliated companies in the hearth industry. Fluemaster is a wholesale distributor of tools and materials to chimney sweeps across Canada. By The Fire Hearth Products manufactures tile and stone hearth pads that are distributed across North America.

The Foundry is an active supporter of HPBAC, the industry association of the hearth products industry. We believe that today's technically advanced hearth products are part of the solution to the problems of global warming and dependence on fossil fuels. And after 35 years, it still gives us a thrill to be supplying the warmth and independence of the flame to thousands of families every year.